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Gas Line Plumbing

Many of the homes in the Rochester area are fueled by two main sources, gas and electricity. Gas is brought into our homes through underground piping which then runs to the utility meter and then to our gas-powered appliances. These most common appliances include our furnaces, hot water tanks, dryers, stoves, and fireplaces. If you are looking for a reliable Rochester plumber, Main Line Plumbing is the one to call!

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Gas Appliances

Gas is an excellent source of fuel for our homes as it is generally the most economical, provides a great source of heat, and makes cooking a whole lot easier! For these reasons we are often running new gas lines for our customers so they can add a new gas appliance such as a stove or fireplace. With modern gas piping technology this can be a quick and simple task, so what are you waiting for?

Gas Leaks

It's not often, but with the aging of homes, gas pipes can begin to develop small leaks. These are usually detectable by scent, and if small, do not pose a huge safety risk but should be dealt with as soon as possible. Leaks can be detected by gas sniffers to pinpoint the location of the leak and then the pipe, or usually fitting, can be replaced with little disruption to your home's daily operation.

Have an issue or just want a new line run? 

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