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Hose Faucets (Bibs)

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

As the weather starts to break from cold and dreary to warm and sunny we'll all be outside doing spring and summer activities. This may mean washing your car, watering your plants, or spraying the kids down! Either way a properly functioning hose faucet, or bib, as they are often referred to in the plumbing industry, is not only convenient but important. Leaking hose bibs can lead to frustrating leaks which can pool around your homes foundation and eventually cause costly damage. In addition, the increased usage will surely cause an increase to your water bill, and who wants to spend needless money with gas over $4/gallon?? Lastly, you may make it through summer with out dealing with your leaky or broken hose bib, but come winter this could turn catastrophic. Since summer will eventually end and the weather will once again turn cold, water will freeze, and, just like any other pipe in our homes, a hose bib can freeze just the same. More often than not this will cause the pipe to split somewhere in between the interior and exterior of your home, but the damage will affect both. Bottom line, if its leaking get it fixed. A couple hundred bucks today can save you an insurance claim and thousands of dollars later.

The new frost free hose bibs are built to last and their best feature is in their name, frost free. You can find more details, images, and pricing on our services page which show exactly how they work and why they are far superior to older models.

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Gertrude Hartzog
Gertrude Hartzog
5 days ago

Smooth and hassle-free experience with Emergency Plumber Weston FL company. They were responsive and accommodated our schedule, and the quality of their workmanship in replacing our faucets was top-notch.

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