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At Main Line Plumbing we are committed to providing you with a great experience from start to finish. Not only will our workmanship be top notch but the service we provide you will be as well. our pricing list above was designed to give you an idea of what a repair to your homes plumbing system may cost, but it is best for us to dial that price in for you via free over the phone estimate. give us a call, send us a picture, and well get you an accurate estimate. there is no job to big or to small for us, Rochester!


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To give you an idea


We know when you are looking for plumbing services a general idea of pricing is helpful to start planning. While we can't provide you with exact pricing we strive to do our best to give you "ballpark" (BP) or "range" (R) pricing for some of our more routine services. For an exact price, a phone call is a good start, and a visit to the site will get us even closer. There are sometimes hidden issues, especially in older buildings, that are not revealed until work begins, but we keep our customers informed every step of the way because we are your plumber, Rochester! 

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