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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do drains become clogged?


For the most part, when a sink or other receptacle starts draining slowly — or stops draining altogether — it’s because of the normal accumulation of substances in your drainpipes. In bathrooms, this could be because of hair, dirt, soap or other hygiene products. In the kitchen, it’s usually an accumulation of food and grease. For utility sinks, there are any number of potential culprits. Mainline plumbing is a local specialist when it comes to fixing clogged drains in Fairport NY and Rochester NY.

If you have a little one at home, the clog might also involve an object that shouldn’t have gone down the drain, like a toy or pull-up.


2. When should I call a professional to clean my drain?


You can try the at-home fixes listed above, but if they don’t resolve the issue, you should call a licensed plumber to clean your drain. In the case of a clog in your main line (causing multiple drains to be clogged), you should always call a professional. Luckily, cleaning drains is a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure that yields immediate benefits.

Households in Rochester, Fairport, and Pittsford NY, trust the Reliable team at Mainline Plumbing for large and small plumbing jobs. We are a certified plumbing contractor and stand behind our work.


3. Why is my Hot Water Heater Always Leaking?


Not all water heater leaks are the same. All of them are problematic, but there are some more dangerous than others.

You’d be surprised to learn that over 13% of all water use is the result of leaks, regardless of its “danger” level. You can start by doing some leak detection on your own. Then, call for professionals to investigate the leaks and overflows.

First, make sure to take a closer look at your water heater, check everywhere, especially the bottom. You might be able to see a pipe fitting that has become loose or an obvious issue. The more details you could provide your water heater repair professional, the better. At Mainline Plumbing our plumbing experts can diagnose the issue with your Hot Water Heater in Fairport NY, Rochester Ny, or surrounding Areas. We can advise you to repair or replace your hot water heater, to ensure safety and quality for you and your family.


4. How Can I Unclog My Tub?


Using a drain snake is one easy way to unblock those stubborn clogs in your bathtub. But if that doesn’t work, the clog may be too far down the line for you to reach. Our expert team at main line plumbing can come out to fix your clogged drain for you if you run into any issues with this. With locations in Fairport NY and Spencerport NY we fix clogged drains all throughout the Rochester NY area.


5. Why am I running out of hot water so fast?


This is a frequently asked question. If you're experiencing a rapid depletion of hot water, consider the following factors. Is your water heater appropriately sized for your household? Smaller capacity tanks not only lead to quicker hot water depletion but also strain the equipment, requiring it to work harder to meet demand. Additionally, check for potential issues with the heating elements (in the case of an electric tank) or the gas valve (for a gas tank). Keep in mind that if you have an older water heater, its average life expectancy is 8-12 years, influenced by maintenance and the water quality in your home. Mainline Plumbing can install hot water heaters in Rochester NY and surrounding areas for your home from our offices in Fairport or Spencerport.


6. How Often Should I Get a Full Commercial Plumbing Inspection Done in Rochester NY?


The answer to this question can vary based on the property's nature and your business. A straightforward, general response regarding when to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your commercial plumbing is as follows:

Before Signing the Lease for a Commercial Property: Prior to adding a new location, it's advisable to have a thorough professional plumbing inspection. This precaution can help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Immediately After a Major Disaster: While Rochester NY may be distant from most of the severe natural disasters; storms, and other disasters can still damage your building's infrastructure. Following any major event affecting your building, it's recommended to conduct a comprehensive plumbing check to identify and address any issues.

At Least Once a Year: Even if you're maintaining your plumbing well and not causing any damage, it's prudent to assess the condition of your plumbing at least annually. This proactive approach can assist in identifying major issues early on, allowing for correction before they pose a threat to the property.

At Least Once a Year. Even if you’re doing everything right and not causing any damage to your plumbing, you’ll still want to evaluate the condition of your plumbing at least once a year. This can help you spot major issues so they can be corrected before they become damaging to the property.


7. Will my homeowners insurance cover damage from burst pipes?

One of the most frequent claims in homeowners’ insurance everywhere and in Fairport NY is for damage caused by broken pipes. Typically, insurance companies cover damage resulting from leaking or burst pipes if the damage was not preventable. To avoid such incidents, consider the following precautions:

• Ensure proper caulking and sealing of tubs and showers.

• Regularly inspect for leaks in faucets both indoors and outdoors.

• If you reside in a cold climate, insulate your pipes to prevent freezing.

• Routinely check appliance hoses on devices like your dishwasher or washing machine and replace them as necessary.



8. Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?


Frequent toilet clogs are a prevalent plumbing problem for homeowners. While the primary cause is often an excess of paper or solid objects flushed, other potential factors include a malfunctioning flapper or fill valve, excessively high-water pressure, deteriorated flush valve seals, blocked sewer pipes, and intrusion of tree roots into the drain pipe. If your toilet experiences frequent clogging, it is crucial to seek the expertise of a professional plumber. They can conduct a thorough inspection to pinpoint the root cause of the issue and provide effective solutions.


9. Why am I seeing my water bills get so expensive?


If your water bills are unexpectedly higher, even after considering factors like the season and the number of occupants in the house, it's time to investigate potential plumbing issues. Issues like leaks, continuous running water in the toilet, or dripping taps can lead to significant water wastage, ultimately causing an increase in your water bills.


10. Why is the water flow out of my kitchen faucet slower than usual?


Inadequate water flow from a faucet is often caused by a clogged aerator containing calcium or sand. Attempt to resolve this by unscrewing the faucet head and cleaning it with a brush. If this solution proves ineffective, we are ready to assist you with fixing the issue!

For any additional questions give us a call and one our experts will be able to assis you!

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