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Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature and eventually, it finds it way in and around the devices we put in place in an attempt to control it. This means at some point your faucet, a shut-off valve, a toilet, or a drain line may leak; it's time to call a plumber... So, If you are looking for a reliable Rochester plumber to fix that leak, Main Line Plumbing is the one to call!

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Concrete Wall
Leak Fixing Rochester
Concrete Wall

Leaking Drains

Leaking drains are often a result of deteriorating pipes, joints that have come loose over time, or damage to the piping. Drainpipe leaks can cause severe damage if they aren't fixed quickly. We may have to remove some drywall in order to fix the problem, but nipping it in the bud is by far the best, and most economical, course of action.

Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall

Leaking Supply Lines

Supply lines are the pipes that bring water into the home. These lines have approximately 55 lbs of pressure in them, so if a leak springs damage can happen quickly. It is very important everyone in your home knows where the main shut-off valve is. This is where you want to shut the water off if a leak occurs. The next step is to call a plumber and have the pipe repaired by a certified technician.

To prevent pipes from bursting during the colder months keep your furnace on when you are away and have a friend or family member check-in if you will be gone for an extended period of time.

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