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Your kitchen, bath, shower, outside hose, or any other faucet in your home at some point will need repair or will need to be replaced. Maybe it's leaking, not functioning properly, or it's just time for an upgrade. We can make the project so easy you'll wish you had done it sooner. If you are looking for a reliable Rochester plumber to repair or replace your faucet, Main Line Plumbing is the one to call!


 Repair or Replace

Quality faucets are generally built to last, and this means that there are some worn components that are easily replaced. Usually, these are rubber rings inside the faucet's valves that wear out and need to be replaced. Sometimes this task is easily accomplished and other times the faucet is damaged beyond repair leaving the only option as replacement of the faucet in Rochester.

Replacing a Faucet

Replacing your faucet not only gives you the advantage of updating the look of your current faucet but also gives you the option of bringing new features and technology into your home. From built-in spray nozzles, which can make room for a soap dispenser, to touchless faucets which make your kitchen more sanitary and convenient.

New faucets are more efficient! 

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